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RO Cleaner

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  1. Quachem B Alkaline RO Cleaner Chemical

    (CLEANING CHEMICALS FOR REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEMS)QUACHEM-B is specially formulated blend of cleaners for the effective removal of carbonate, metal oxide and sulfate scales of Barium, Strontium and Calcium in reverse osmosis systems & slime removes. For reverse osmosis system operating on feed water containing barium, strontium apart from commonly encountered hardness salts, there is always potential for scales formation of calcium,barium and strontium. Barium sulfate scales once formed are extremely difficult to remove.Quachem-B effectively removes these barium scales and also sulfate scales of Strontium and Calcium. It also remove organic and dead biological matter. Liquid cleaner which allows shorter mixing time. Low foam formulation. Cost effective program for carbonate/sulfate scales removal. No adverse effects with repeated use of solution. Appearance : Colorless to Straw colored Liquid  pH (as is) : 13 pH  pH (1% solution) : 9-10
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  2. RO Membrane Antiscalant And Antifoulant Chemical

    QuachemRO-2 designed to inhibit inorganic scale formation in the membrane separation system. It controls the scales of Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Sulfate, Barium and Strontium Sulfate Scales in waters with a high scaling potential. QuachemRO-2 can prevent the heavy fouling of Calcium Sulfate and protects the membranes from the hard to remove Calcium Sulfate scales. QuachemRO-2 specifically useful under stressed conditions, due to its excellent tolerance to high levels of Calcium.QuachemRO-2 controls precipitation of moderate levels of Iron and Manganese.QuachemRO-2 can minimize the acid dosing or eliminate the need of acid dosing in R.O. feed water.QuachemRO-2 also disperses silt and colloidal particles thereby keeping the membrane surface clean.It works as a Silica Inhibitor.QuachemRO-2 is safe for use.QuachemRO-2 is environmentally friendly and hence does not pose any concern for the discharge of waste
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